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Borja Moreno




Spanish director Borja Moreno came to this world by the Mediterranean Sea, on the island of Mallorca. And, like his ancestors, he grew up looking at the stars… trying to make some sense of the world he was living in.


Raised by his mom, he found an escape to this nonsense of a planet (and from his evil twin sister Marta) by throwing himself into the arms of TV and diving into a selected catalog of Hollywood 90’s masterpieces, in a time when movies mattered.


Inspired by their love for the craft, Borja dedicated himself to study the mechanisms behind those films that made his small heart pound fast. So, in the future, he could replicate them to reach other people’s hearts.


To this end – and because being able to read a watch doesn’t make you a watchmaker – he earned a Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He also finished a two-year certificate on “Directing Film & TV” in Metropolis C.E., where he directed way too many films that would haunt him forever.


However, his short-film “Nobody is Watching” (a documentary co-directed with Spanish filmmaker Vicente Cerdán) earned him a Greenpeace Award and was screened at festivals around the world, from Rio de Janeiro to South Korea.


Additionally, he completed extensive film programs across the US, from New York Film Academy to UCLA. This granted him the opportunity to develop his biggest projects up to date: Producing Pablo Riquelme’s “Heads Will Roll," starring horror movie star Tony Todd (in post-production); directing “A Man,” his first film shot in Hollywood (featuring Ryan Stillman and Bella Popa)… and graduate from Mount Saint Mary’s University M.F.A in Film & Television.


Borja is 29 and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, where every once in a while he likes to raise his head to look at the stars… and try to make some sense of the world he’s living in.


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